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Not all online degrees are created equal. 365bet has been guiding its students to brighter futures for over 140 years. Our Global Online College offers nineteen Associate’s degrees and five Bachelor’s degrees—all 100% online. 讲座, 作业, 测试, and quizzes are all online, meaning you can attend classes from anywhere in the world without ever setting a foot on our campus.

  • 负担得起学费
  • 100%的在线
  • 完全认可
  • 加速条款
  • 免费的辅导
  • 转移学分接受


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We have the resources and knowledge to help you transfer college credits successfully. 你努力工作. We make sure your work will count when you move on to another institution of higher learning. When you start here, you really can go anywhere.

SACSCOC认证. 对于军队. 成立于1879年.


  • 退伍军人权利法》 & 学费援助
  • 军事配偶的好处
  • 全球访问
  • 开放招生. Only GED or high school equivalent required.
  • No testing requirements for placement
  • Dedicated Veterans Benefits Office
  • 没有申请费
  • 免费的辅导 & 学术支持

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Did we mention that we charge 没有州外学费 费用?

Receiving your online degree can be a large investment, but Georgia 军事 Global Online College makes it affordable. Just compare your costs with other online colleges, and you’ll see the exceptional value that we offer.

SACSCOC认证. 负担得起的. 可转让的.

Designed to Service Online Students.

Whether you are taking a gap year before college or you need to put your plans on hold, Georgia 军事 Global Online College allows students to stay on track by offering online courses.  Our SACSCOC accreditation will allow your credits to transfer anywhere so you can maintain momentum towards your educational goals.

  • 完全认证课程
  • 学费成本低
  • No Out-of-State Tuition Rates
  • 没有申请费


Curious if you have what it takes to be successful in an online program?  你并不孤单.  Most of our students start out a little nervous that they do not have the required skills for success, but they quickly learn that learning online is a rewarding experience.  Many of our students actually prefer it once they get started.  To help aid in your decision, feel free to take our Online Readiness Assessment to evaluate where you stand.

Global Online College Student


“我全职工作, 周一-星期五 so prefer to access my classes on 周一 mornings to plan my week accordingly.”


“I read the assigned reading from my textbook in the evenings on 周二s so I am prepared for the weekly 作业.”


“当我下班的时候, I submit my initial post to the discussion forum so I am ready to respond to my peers.”


“As a mother, I focus on my other 作业 due 周日 like my lab report.  I’m also active in my discussion forums.”


“I post my initial response to essaylamba.com and the second discussion forum and prepare for other 作业 such as my psychology quiz and 批判性思维 exercise.”


“Before my son’s soccer games, I  review supplemental resources so I am prepared for my sociology test on 周日.”


“星期天, I post to a couple of peers in the discussion forums and submit any final 作业 due today.”